A Bit of Fun

Thank you, Conrad

This is just what we all think about the old rules for dogs in the park!

The new "Sausage Dogs"

Really, really relaxed!

Next time - listen to me!

Very Relaxed.


Puppy love.

Laughing Dog



Brave but Dumb Relaxed Cat

Bravery AND Stupidity


Cloned Beagle Dog Tired


Dog Tired

Obedience Chilling Out

Obedience - well try getting this many dogs in one photo!

Chilling Out

Ambition Supervision



Cooling Off Teamwork

Cooling Off


Internet Cat Hard Days's Night

New Age Guy - Internet Savvy Cat

Hard Day's Night

Who's who Jendi and Jangles

Who's who, and what's what?

It's just my brother for heaven's sake! He is just giving me a cuddle!

Attitude! Ordering

So what! I can piddle if I want!

And don't forget that extra pack of liver treats.

Big kitty Sniff_sniff

I don't care who said you could bury it here!

No one is above suspicion.

Big dreams Killer

Small dog! Big dreams!

Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Warranty needed Let me explain

Now you know why you needed the warranty for the computer

Please dear! Just let me explain. It is not what you think!

Effects of Gas The ironing

The effects of gas!The effects of gas!

A load of ironing!

Great Expectations Relaxation

Great Expectations

You can never be too relaxed

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