A Day in Birchgrove Park

Birchgrove Park

Jacarandah Season

Birchgrove park

This is Birchgrove Oval, the park where we mostly go for our walks. It is very beautiful and we can run a lot and chase each other and even have a swim - for those that choose. Some of us don't like to get messy.

Birchgrove Park

Here are some pictures of Birchgrove Park and the lovely views we get as we walk around.

Birchgrove Park - Group That is Skeeter's house on the left of the picture. Boy! Is he lucky? This is just a few of our friends on our walk around. I always stay near mum.

Sometimes we walk in the other direction! This is mostly the small dogs - except for Conrad.

Birchgrove Park  - Group2

Birchgrove Park

We get really beautiful views as we walk around.

A beautiful Jacaranda tree in bloom on the edge of the park. We love that time of year!

Birchgrove Park - Jacaranda
Birchgrove Park  - sports

They play a lot of football games - all sorts of codes - at the oval during winter and then they play cricket in the summer. Birchgrove Oval is a real community resource.

Having a bit of an explore ahead of the pack!

Birchgrove Park  - friends
Birchgrove Park  - nets

These are the practice cricket nets - lots of people use them.

On the hill - we live just over the top of that hill.Sometimes if we have had too much fun it is pretty hard getting up the hill to go home!!

Birchgrove Park  - hill
Birchgrove Park  - beach

Some of the kids having a swim. Mum threw Jangles in once but he didn't like it! I hope she never throws me in!

The view from the beach.

Birchgrove Park - view
Birchgrove Park - view

At dusk over the harbour bridge.

Looking towards the tennis courts and Skeeter's house. His dad is the caretaker of Birchgrove Park.

Birchgrove Park  - oval
Birchgrove Park - sand pit

They have a sand pit on the oval - mum says that it is for people to practise long-jumping but mostly kids use it!!

You can see the city skyline from the park too. It is very peaceful.

Birchgrove Park - view
Birchgrove Oval

All the way around you get lovely views - especially in the early evening light.

Any weekend you will find lots of people having a picnic on the hill and under the shade of the trees.

Birchgrove Park
Birchgrove Park

Early evening light! The big boat has been confiscated by Customs because it was smuggling something. It has been moored there for months now.

A bit more exploring as we walk around.

Birchgrove Park - friends
Birchgrove Park - group

Sometimes we are good and just walk at "heel" - but that is not usual for Electra, Jangles, Dougal, Panda and Buster!!

This is a very rare picture!!

This is where we mostly have our picnics - under the shade of the Jacarandas.

Birchgrove Park - The slope

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Birchgrove Park

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