PUB (Park Users of Balmain)

PUB conducted a survey of Balmain residents on their use of parks and their attitudes to dogs in parks. They love them!


A bibliography of research on animals and children

A bibliography of abstracts and articles on the Health Benefits of Animals to Children.

A bibliography of articles and abstracts on the general health benefits of animals

Delta Society is the leading international resource for the human-animal bond. Delta Society has been the force to validate the important role of animals for people's health and well-being by promoting the results of research to the media and health and human services organizations.

National People and Pets Survey (1994) conducted by the Urban Animal Management Coalition

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Dogs Helping with Physical Health Problems

Loyola Childrens Hospital prove that Pet therapy is beneficial in the recovery of young patients

Allergy development seems to be diminished by early exposure to a cat or dog

Reducing the risk of Allergies - Having a cat or dog around when a child is young may influence the development of the immune system and lead to a reduced risk of allergies

Dogs help with Pain Management - A boy, a dog and a caring heart. A young boy suffering from cancer knew his dog helped him cope with his treatment. He organised a science project to see if dogs would help other children undergoing painful treatments. The answer was "Yes".

Much research has demonstrated the Healthy Reasons to have a Pet

Fluffy and Fido are good for you. But you knew that already, didn't you?

Dogs, cats and social support moderate resting blood pressure in elderly women

A dog cues the physiological effects of relaxation in diagnosed hypertensives. We all know that patting a dog calms us, eh!

Having a pet provides protection against heart disease

Hypertension is moderated in people who own dogs

Dog owners make significantly less use of the healthcare system

Impact of Pets on Australian Health Budgets. Naturally, it's all good news!

A German study also demonstrated the health savings of pet ownership

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Dogs Helping with Social Problems

Children's social development is assisted by the presence of pets in their lives

Children with autism have made remarkable progress due to the presence of animals - especially dogs.

Service dogs help children with a wide range of disabilities - social, motor, aural etc

When asked about their best friends and those who were their nearest and dearest children rank their pets in the top ten

More evidence of the benefits of growing up with pets

Service dogs for children with disabilities

German research has demonstrated that dogs help children at school. Children with dogs are better behaved, more motivated and do better

Service dogs help children with special needs

Sit Stay Read program uses dogs to help children to read. reading aloud to a dog seem to provide the motivation some children need to progress with reading.

Dogs bring security to children coping with divorce. Their affection and loyalty are important to children at this vulnerable time in their lives

Partnering with an Assistance Dog - A Guide for Parents: . What you and your child should know.

Having a pet dog helped children cope with the pain of divorce. They were able to talk about their problems to the dog.

Dogs help children at school to become better behaved, more motivated and do better

Therapy dogs help children learn to read with a program called Reading with Rover

Language skills are enhanced when therapy dogs are used with young children

A more recent English study showing that dogs help people make friends

National Geographic cites many instances where Newfoundland dogs have proven to be a boon to humans - from saving lives to assisting with a range of therapies

Loneliness: A Health Hazard of Modern Times. Companion animals are a solution for many people, especially the aged.

There is a plethora of research on the benefits of companion animals for the elderly. This recent research shows loneliness in single, young women is also emeliorated by the companionship of an animal

Social interaction is assisted by pet ownership. It leads to more casual conversations with strangers

How pets help people

Dogs act a catalysts for social interaction for people of all ages

Current research on loneliness in single women and the ways that animals can help

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Dogs Helping with Psychological Problems

Children often prefer pets to adults when they need comfort

Psychotherapy Practice uses animals as assistants, especially with children

Pets enhance human wellbeing in many ways. They have a positive impact on child development - cognitive, psychological and social. Children brought up around animals have more self esteem and more empathy with others.

When children have had traumatic experiences pets can help them adjust better

The well-being of adolescents is enhanced by pet ownership

Animals can act as emotional support for children

Companion animals are a positive influence on human development

Recent studies show that animals help people cope with a range of life transitions - e.g. caring for a cancer sufferer or military transfer. Children use pets as transitional objects - like special toys or blankets - that provide additional security and a link to the past that helps them cope with the present

Breast Cancer survivors are also helped if they have a dog around.

Autonomic responses to stress in women were moderated by the presence of pet dogs. The presence of human friends did not help. Dogs were perceived as a very calming influence even in a stressful situation

The Physical and Psychological health of older people are enhanced by pet ownership

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